Immigrant’s Nightmare

Benjamin Montana has become the president of the United States of America, He has the built the gigantic wall that he subtly named after himself. Getting into America was once a simple task but now buckle up, and get ready for the most difficult task of your life, getting into America.

Your role as a player is to represent one of the four countries’ immigrants. The goal of the game is to be the first person to enter the US. At the beginning of each person’s turn, they will collect a chance card. Each chance card will give you different opportunities, like go to the nearest Airport, advance 3 spaces, collect a Skill or Asset card, or do not do anything this round. By the time you reach the wall, you will be assessed based on those skills/assets to see whether or not you’re fit to enter the United States. However, this assessment only applies to players who try to enter legally. You can also enter by getting a chance card saying: go through a tunnel to America or to another point on the map or take an illegal boat/flight to America. By going in illegally, you will not need to be assessed based on your skills and assets. Each way has its own benefits and risks, but either way will give you a chance at winning.

Chance Cards:

 If you collect a chance card during a turn, you will be forced to do whatever is on that card. Some cards are beneficial but others are detrimental to your status within the game. For example, one may say, “you have bought a ticket to go the nearest airport letting you fly to the other airport.” It can also say, “While trying to cross another countries borders, you have been caught and sent to jail. Within jail you can either wait and do nothing for three turns, or put 2 of your assets back in the pile and escape the jail. When you escape the jail, you will go to the first space, but you will lose the opportunity to enter the US legally.

Skills and Assets:

While receiving a chance card, you may be given the ability to take a skill or asset. For example, a chance card might tell you, “Take a skill card or asset card of your choice.” These skills and assets you gain will help pass the assessment when you reach the wall legally. You need 2 skills and 1 asset to enter the US legally. You also spend one asset for every time you use a plane, boat, tunnel, or train, even if you use them illegally.


These abilities to skip spaces and go forward are either granted by chance cards, or by landing on these tiles. When one lands on an Airport, Boat, or Train space or gets a card saying to use these services, they can take it legally or illegally. Remember, you have to be at most 4 spaces away from the tool to use it if a card tells you to. If you are more than 4 spaces away from the utility, then move one forward for that turn instead of using the tool. If one lands on a tunnel or is told to go in a tunnel from a Chance card, it will always be illegal. If one lands on these spaces, they do not have to use these, but if told to from a Chance card, they must follow these instructions. However, if you are on the legal path, you do not have to follow the instructions, but if illegal, then you must do it, even if it is detrimental to you. You will also have to lose one asset card for every time you use one of these means of transportation. If you don’t have any asset cards, then you can’t use these utilities.

Legal vs. Illegal:

If one chooses or is forced to use an illegal route, they are regarded as a fugitive and cannot enter the US legally for the rest of the game. You cannot revert back to the legal path from the illegal path, so be careful what you choose to do. Legally, you need at least 2 skills and 1 asset to enter the US, but illegally you only need assets to use the Tunnels, Airports, and Harbors. One advantage that Legal has over Illegal is that Legal does not have to follow the instructions of an Airport/Boat/Train/Tunnel Chance Card. However, illegal must follow these instructions, even if detrimental to them.


A Chance card may tell you to go to jail. If it does, you will move your piece directly to the Jail tile, no matter where you are. In jail, you must stay for three turns and you will come out on the illegal path, but if one wishes to get out faster, they can escape the jail directly, but have two of their asset cards put back in the pile and become illegal. If you don’t have enough assets, you must wait for three turns. When you get out of jail, you must resume the game at the first space and will be on the illegal path for the rest of the game.

Winning the Game:

 The goal of the game is to enter the US, beyond the Montana Wall. If you are trying to enter the US legally, you must advance all the way to the last tile. If a card tells you to go past the last tile, do not do this and go directly to the last tile. Here, you will be assessed based on your skills and assets. If you have at least 2 skills and 1 asset, you will pass the exam and be able to enter the US legally. However, if you do not have the minimum Skills and Assets, you will be deported all the way back to your home country (the first space). If you want to enter the US illegally, you must enter by means of an Airport, Boat, Tunnel, or Train. You will not need to be assessed based on your skills and assets if entering the US illegally. When a person is announced the winner, the other players will continue the game until the next person reaches the US.

* *Benjamin Montana is a fictitious character. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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