About Game

In June 2016, Aidan, a 9 years old, was assigned to create a board game for his 4th grade school project. He had noticed the heated political climate and the longing by some candidates of the 2016 Presidential Election to build a wall between Mexico and the United States of America. However, it was a very controversial topic, so he decided to base his project on it to arouse laughter and hysteria within his classroom. So with help of his brother, Daniel, 13 years, and his mother, Sarah, he made the game. The result was a messy prototype with a makeshift wall surrounding the US in the middle, with the four immigrant countries at each corner.

Original Design
Original Design of the Immigrant's Nightmare board game
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When Aidan turned in the project, it was rejected for the controversial topics it presented. Still, he thought that his message should be spread to others. This is when we decided to turn his idea into a company. We began to perfect the map and write more intricate rules that made sense and was still funny. We created a character, Benjamin Montana, to represent the president who allowed for the construction of the wall. Now with our entire game set up, we need you to help spread our message but still get a laugh. We want the entire US to be happy, but realize what a problem this wall and this type of immigration reform will become for the US.

Just remember, Steve Jobs’ birth father was a Syrian immigrant. If immigration laws were the same back then as now, Steve Jobs would never have revolutionized so many industries in America.

*Benjamin Montana is a fictitious character. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.